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  • Huawei

    1)Huawei Kenya - OSP construction, Equipment Installation, Enterprise Business 670km.

    -MSAN ,FTTB Project, Equipment Installation& TI deliveries

    2)Huawei Rwanda – OSP construction (160KM Kigali - Ruhengeri)

    3)Huawei Zimbabwe – OSP Construction ( Liquid & Tel One)

    4)Huawei Southland Sudan – Civil works, tower construction & equipment installation for viva cell project

  • Safaricom Ltd


    Safaricom Ltd

    1. Interconnection of Safaricom BTS to TKL/NOFBI FOC at Kiboswa, Nakuru, Sotik, Nairobi
    2. Safaricom Point to Point Fiber installation
    3. Equipment and LAN installations
    4. Safaricom digital city, metro/back bone using micro duct infrastructure.
    5. FTTB and ERRU projects

  • Telkom Kenya Ltd


    Telkom Kenya Ltd - 19 97 to date

    1. OSP Constructions – Nairobi, Mombasa, other parts of Kenya 854km
    2. MSAN Equipment installation
    3. Civil & building construction, OSP fibre & copper, Survey & design


  • Liquid Telecom

    Liquid Telecom: Frame contract for OSP construction, metro & backbone cable network

  • Government of Kenya

    1)Ministry Of Educations (KENYA), TIVET institute Fiber connectivity to( 60 Institute s) across the country.

    2)Ministry of Information /TKL  National optic fiber back bone , Government of kenya 283km Eldoret - Lokichogio 155km Garrisa- Hola OFC OSP construction. 256 sites of Essar/Yu network rollout

  • KPLC

    1. KPLC: Frame contract for Civil, paving & cable installation

  • China Wuyi Co. Ltd

    1. China wuyi -Univeristy of Nairobi Audio visual, Tower construction, ICT infrastructure & material supply

  • Nokia Siemen

    1. Nokia Siemen – Airtel / Zain Power Hybrid systems – 52 sites installation

  • Ericsson


    1. Ericsson - Safaricom OSP Metro construction 25km Nairobi

  • MTN

  • Telkom South Africa

    1. Telkom South Africa – 2G & 3G upgrade – 40 sites at Port Elizabeth


  • Zain Sudan

    1. Zain Sudan - Site civil works and equipment Installation


  • Jamii Telkom (JTL)

    1. Jamii Telkom (JTL) – Survey and Design for GPON solution – 1500Km in Nbi and Msa